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Invest in digital health tools strategically -- especially now

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Healthcare CIOs should invest in and deploy new digital health tools cautiously and strategically, despite the FDA's decision to relax regulations during the coronavirus pandemic.


When it comes to telehealth and managing patient flow, Bishop said it may be in a CIOs best interest to take a chance on new partners, she said.

That said, Chilmark Research analyst Alex Lennox-Miller said that healthcare CIOs who invest in new digital health tools or expand technology offerings that take advantage of the FDA's relaxed restrictions should remember the relaxed restrictions won't last forever. That eventuality is something healthcare CIOs should plan for now.

"People who are making those plans, adopting tools now, deploying them, using the accelerated timelines these relaxations allow but who will be able to continue to use them going forward are going to be in a much better place than people who just say, 'Oh awesome, we can use Zoom now,' and aren't necessarily thinking about what it's going to mean when those exemptions go away," he said.

Forrester's Becker said for healthcare CIOs who need technology that their existing vendors can't provide, it's important to look at vendor evaluations to determine who would be a good fit for the organization, especially when it comes to telehealth.

"A virtual care standpoint is where a lot of these new relationships are being forged," he said.

Indeed, Gartner's Bishop said for CIOs who don't already have an existing relationship with a telemedicine provider such as Amwell, Doctor on Demand or Teladoc, that's an "immediate opportunity" for vendors. Patient throughput capacity management is another area Bishop believes healthcare CIOs should be looking to -- tools that vendors like Philips, GE Healthcare and TeleTracking Technologies provide.

"If you can help with a hospital system being able to forecast the patient volume, forecast the surge so CIOs can more effectively forecast that new facility when they're going to have to spin up these mobile ICUs or remote capacity units; those types of solutions that are immediately helpful are the messages that will get through to a CIO," she said.

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