This article originally appeared in Pittsburgh Business Times

Christopher Johnson is a winner of a 2021 Fox Rothschild Outstanding CEOs and Top Executives award.

It was at a small, Richmond, Virginia-based health care startup named Agility Healthcare Solutions that Christopher Johnson saw first-hand the impact that the proper application of technology could have in the medical field. Captivated by the startup's ability to use modern software, sensors, mobility and advanced analytics to improve health care operations, Johnson quickly established that finding such pairings would become his life’s work.

While that small startup would later go on to be acquired by GE Healthcare Systems, Johnson maintained his pursuit of finding ways to unite the best of technology with the best of health care.

For a decade, Johnson continued to work at GEHS, which led him to learn about TeleTracking Technologies Inc., a Pittsburgh company that works to improves efficiencies in the flow of patients in hospitals and other medical buildings with technology and software. He said GEHS eventually became interested in acquiring TeleTracking.

Johnson came to Pittsburgh initially as part of a plan to make an offer to buy the company from founder Michael Zamagias. But he didn’t go back home with a deal. Instead, in September 2015, he ended up becoming a Pittsburgh resident and joined the TeleTracking team, climbing its ranks until he reached his current position as president and co-CEO.

“I saw in TeleTracking something that even a large multinational, which had virtually unlimited resources, couldn’t do,” Johnson said. “(It was) a privately-held company incredibly focused, built around solving a problem, not on quarterly earnings statements and things of that nature.”

The company has continued to adapt and change under Johnson’s leadership. He said it’s a more refined company now, changing its prior strategy of just working with individual hospitals and hospital groups to one that offers a more diversified set of revenue streams.

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