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RTLS super users offer advice and best practices

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Real-time location systems can enable big gains in quality, safety and cost-efficiency – but deployments are complex and require clear role definitions and enthusiastic buy-in from an array of stakeholders, a new KLAS report shows.

TeleTracking, Midmark RTLS and Sonitor are particularly good at enabling collaboration and getting actionable data, meanwhile, said KLAS.

"TeleTracking deep adopters report the vendor is a partner in their development, feels like part of the organization, is willing to come on-site, and collaborates to solve problems," said researchers. "Midmark RTLS deep adopters receive clear data from their solution that is then supplemented by calls with the vendor that can be tactical (helping customers utilize their data to drive outcomes) or strategic (helping expand RTLS use cases). Sonitor is praised by deep adopters for providing accurate, real-time data that helps facilitate discussions with physicians, and one deep adopter described their work with the vendor as a team effort."

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