New Control Center helps Providers Better Manage Care

Facilitating Patient Flow – New York Presbyterian Hospital has implemented two Patient Placement Operations Centers (PPOCs), one at its Columbia University Medical Center campus and the other at its Weill Cornell Medical Center campus. Both PPOCs went online last year and, at any given time, they have four or five patient flow specialists in the centers per shift, as well as emergency department services and patient transport supervisors.

Holly Meisner, vice president of patient access at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, describes her organization’s centers as the equivalent of “air traffic control looking at the planes coming” and effectively serving as a “centralized location with standard process for how we bring the patients in and flow them through the system.”

According to Meisner, the personnel staffing the PPOCs receive real-time data and are able to quickly respond to create notifications enterprise-wide that better manage patient intake, bed placement and patient discharges. Meisner notes that ambulance diversion, when incoming ambulances are directed to other facilities due to congestion, is a serious challenge for the hospital emergency departments nationwide.

However, the centers at New York-Presbyterian leverage patient flow automation software developed by TeleTracking to avoid bottlenecks and downtime for beds, as well as manage the patient experience after they are admitted.

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Written by Greg Slabodkin, Health Data Management, February 2017 Issue