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When TeleTracking reached a deal in early 2020 with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to put into a place a countrywide system to monitor the nation's hospital capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic, it built on the Pittsburgh-based company's deep knowledge and success doing the same thing at a smaller scale for hospitals and health systems.

It's become a vital tool in the federal government's fight against Covid-19, connecting disparate hospitals and computer systems through the further development of TeleTracking's commercially developed platform. The first two years were funded at about $20 million each and, for 2022, TeleTracking won a $22 million contract to do the same thing.

CEO Chris Johnson said he's been struck by how important the work, no matter who did it, has been and will be in the future for the United States.

"One of the lessons learned is we never want to be in a position where we don't have the visibility in our health care system, like what literally happened before 2020," Johnson told the Business Times in an interview. "To me, the work that we're doing is reflective of that recognition and it should be"

And, he said, it's far from just a pandemic-only system.

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