Dr. Kathy Menefee Discusses Cognitive Load in Clinicians – Opportunities to Ease the Burden

PITTSBURGH [January 26, 2022]—Clinicians are facing higher levels of cognitive load than ever before between the challenges of COVID-19, staffing demands, and the intensity of care delivery. TeleTracking Technologies patient flow expert, Kathy Menefee, DNP, RN, NEA BC, CPHQ, provides her insights regarding Cognitive Load in Clinicians – Opportunities to Ease the Burden at the 2022 Patient Flow Management Summit, January 31-February 1, 2022, at Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She specifically focuses on the impact that visualization technology can have in positively impacting caregiver workload, resulting in better patient care.

Dr. Kathy Menefee, TeleTracking Patient Flow Expert“As healthcare professionals, delivering safe, effective, efficient patient care has always involved balancing a complex set of tasks that impact the caregivers and the health system as a whole. We also know that complexity has only increased due to pandemic-level patient load and acuity,” says Kathy Menefee, TeleTracking’s Managing Director of Advisory Services. “One way to manage this situation is by making vital, clinically relevant and actionable information highly visible, combined with the implementation of simplified clinical workflows that help reduce the interruptions that impact cognitive load, and consequently improve quality of care and patient safety.”

In addition to Dr. Menefee’s presentation, TeleTracking is also pleased to be the lead sponsor of the Summit, which is geared to healthcare professionals, across the fields of nursing, operations, care management and quality improvement, with additional sessions focused on driving actionable data, increasing access, and getting the right patient, to the right facility, at the right time. 

About the 2022 Patient Flow Management Summit

Today, patient flow has become a major concern for most hospitals and health systems as 2022 Patient Flow Management Summitboth the human and financial aspects result in poor quality care, patient dissatisfaction and lower reimbursement and profitability. Optimizing hospital wide patient flow is critical in delivering high quality patient centric healthcare. Hospitals are examining how to provide the right quality care, in the right place and at the right time. 

The influx of the newly insured entering the healthcare system presents greater challenges to hospitals and the necessity to streamline flow and capacity has become enormously vital. As this landscape continues to evolve and dramatically transform, there is a huge shift towards hospital wide collaboration and throughput in order to achieve these goals. Optimizing the ED, decreasing patient wait times and enhancing care coordination are key components to moving the patient quickly, efficiently and safely through the hospital system.

This event features leaders from hospitals and health systems who will share their perspectives, valuable insights and expertise on how to be best equipped for the rapidly evolving landscape of patient flow management.

About TeleTracking

For every hour patients wait for care, they face objectively worse outcomes. TeleTracking believes it is unacceptable that patients are not able to access the care they need, when they need it, due to operating inefficiencies and unnecessary cost barriers. Our mission is simple, to ensure no one waits for the care they need. And that’s why more than a decade ago, TeleTracking recognized the significant benefits of a centralized approach to managing patient flow, led the development of the command center model, and has implemented more than one hundred operational command centers across the United States and United Kingdom. Named the 2021 Innovator of the Year: Medtech/Health IT at the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 Award, TeleTracking has delivered extraordinary outcomes for nearly three decades that have been the subject of study by the RAND Corporation. For more information, visit www.teletracking.com.