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For nearly three decades, TeleTracking has been committed to the mission of optimizing health system operations by providing solutions and services that enable the highest quality of care delivery, improve care coordination to enhance patient flow, and ensure hospital operations are continually delivering positive outcomes.  The end result is timely, purposeful care—in the right place, at the right time, at the right level.

In each issue of PFQ, you’ll find best practices and the latest success stories, along with details on product developments, insights from thought leaders, industry news and upcoming events.   If you have a success story you’d like to share—or a story idea for an upcoming issue—please reach out to us at

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Patient Flow Quarterly | Issue 14

Living the Mission


  • Care Traffic Control―A new program to foster collaboration, innovation, and continuous performance improvement between health system command centers.
  • Reflections on Caregiving and Community―TeleTracking’s compassionate approach, towards both healthcare workers and the overall community.
  • Disaster Readiness―Real-time data provides the shared awareness needed to efficiently manage through critical events.

Patient Flow Quarterly | Issue 13

Special Issue: Command Center eBook

FEATURED articles: 

  • Centralizing the coordination of care - and why it needs to be
  • Beginning a command center journey: your keys to success
  • Real-time situational awareness across your health system enterprise
  • Engage and align health system leadership across hospital campuses