If you recently attended one of TeleTracking’s TransferCenterIQTM software webinars—thank you!  And if you’re just beginning your research on TeleTracking’s TransferCenterIQ software—welcome!  We’re sure one of the reasons you’re starting this journey is because you know what we do—that as health systems are growing increasingly complex, it’s more important than ever to find ways of centralizing and expediting patient access into, between and within acute and community care facilities. 


In fact, TeleTracking has known the power of this technology for more than a decade.  We launched our original TransferCenter™ software in 2009—and now we’ve taken it to the next level and moved it to the cloud, making it easily adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of expanding and maturing Health System Command Centers. The result is faster, smoother referrals; patients receiving more timely care in the right setting; alignment between care teams, resources and patient demand; and health network gains in both new revenue and overall growth [the top priority of executives according to a recent Modern Healthcare survey]. And this is essential because as care delivery decentralizes, care coordination must become centralized to ensure a cohesive, high-quality patient experience across all care settings.

TransferCenterIQ™ software is one part of TeleTracking’s operational platform, which powers the NASA-like Health System Command Centers that drive significant, positive outcomesincluding real-time visibility, shared situational awareness and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction. Again, we’ve known the power of this technology for more than a decade and have built more than 100 of these Command Centers across North America and Europe―more than all other vendors combined according to a recent report by KLAS.

So how does TransferCenterIQ™ software drive significant, proven increases in patient volume? How does it help teams act faster, more efficiently and more reliably?  And how does help your system deliver more complex cases, exceptional physician experiences and improve your reputation for quality care? Here are six ways:


Efficiency is critical when you’re managing high volumes at high speeds. With TransferCenterIQ™ software, your Command Center can fluidly handle large caseloads—rapidly triaging incoming patients so everyone can access the care they need regardless of how high the demand is. That’s because teams can rapidly see the most urgent priorities across their caseload—and then quickly cycle among cases and tasks to accomplish more, more efficiently. And when you can manage larger caseloads, you can increase admissions and minimizes wait times—resulting in revenue and market share for your system, and better patient care.


The medical complexity per patient—the number and severity of chronic conditions—has steadily increased, meaning that medical encounters are becoming even more involved. There are more illnesses to treat, more medications to administer, more complications to handle—and health system reputations are built on how successful they are at managing these types of patients.  With TransferCenterIQ™ software, Command Center stakeholders can join a case midstream and immediately understand the story—making it possible for teams to work together with the shared situational awareness that leads to faster acceptances, better care coordination, and improved quality.


Health systems work hard to continually improve physician relations. With TransferCenterIQ™ software, your Command Center staff have the built-in tools that help deliver the excellent experiences that build strong, collaborative physician relationships.  With instant access to provider information, all interactions can be easily documented, which makes better use of physicians’ time and streamlines follow-up. And when interactions with referral partners feel fluid, well-informed, and efficient, your teams can deliver a much better physician experience.


As we all know, health system footprints seldom stay the same for long. With TransferCenterIQ™ software, you can easily adapt when your system’s strategy, operations, or even core business structure changes. You’ll have the flexibility to bring on new facilities, smoothly incorporate new referral sources and forge new partnerships across the country or around the world.


You can’t start a journey of transformation if you don’t have visibility and/or you don’t have the ability to measure progress. Now, you have even better data on mission-critical areas―such as how you’re performing on individual cases and where opportunities exist for improving relationships with referral partners.  With TransferCenterIQ™ software you have additional visibility that makes it possible to better understand important patterns―including issues or escalations with an individual case; referral trends by facility type (e.g., freestanding EDs vs. SNFs); physician/facility decline reasons; the ability to home in on key case aspects in real time, leading to rapid problem-solving and better patient care; and better insight into operational performance and opportunities. All of this leads to an improved ability to drive transformation.


Many health systems are moving from a traditional hub-and-spoke model to complex, multi-market networks that must manage substantially higher volumes and increased complexity. These health systems have vastly different needs around supra-regional patient intake and placement, and overall care delivery.

With TransferCenterIQ™ software, you can manage large, complex health systems—including nationwide and even global multi-market networks—from a single Health System Command Center. Operating from a single Command Center powered by TransferCenterIQ™ makes it possible for you to act as one system across markets. It helps you achieve economies of scale and reliably deliver timely care to patients in every region.

Ready to learn even more about the impact TransferCenterIQ™ can have as part of your health system Command Center?

Command Center ebook

If you’re an existing TeleTracking TransferCenter™ client who is considering moving to TransferCenterIQ™, we encourage you to download the TransferCenterIQ™ software datasheet. 


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