Health systems are facing major challenges – from limited revenue growth and capacity issues, to patient acquisition /retention problems and inefficient admission and transfer processes.  The result – a fragmented approach to care in the community and a disjointed, and sometimes negative, patient experience.

Community physicians are aware of the challenges created by a fragmented system and the impact of those challenges on the  quality of care.  Specifically, they are concerned about losing visibility of their patients after they’re readmitted to the hospital and not being notified when their patients are discharged.

That’s why centralized referral management is garnering so much attention.  And for good reason.


Centralizing referral management:

  • streamlines interaction with community providers;
  • increases access to care;
  • improves efficiency and continuity of by increasing transparency and coordination between sending and receiving facilities;
  • decreases pressures on the ED by providing visibility for community physicians;
  • expands referral networks and helps build a competitive advantage;
  • increases referrals, which, in turn, provides a smart, fast way to grow top line revenue.

TeleTracking is building on the success our clients have had through our TransferCenter™solution by extending the system to include Community Access™ Portal, a web-based tool for centralizing patient access activities.  Community Access™ Portal makes it faster and easier for physicians and community care teams to send patients to specific healthcare facilities and receive automatic updates on that patient’s progress.

Community Access™ Portal provides benefits for both the health system and the referring care team.  For the health system, direct admit and transfer processes are easier, referrals and revenue increase, request-to-admission times improve, and relationships with referring physicians are fostered.  The referring team benefits because Community Access™ Portal allows them to start the admission process with minimal information, reduces the phone time needed to transfer or admit a patient, provides the ability to track patient milestones – and, most importantly, gives patients and their families peace of mind as they transition through different levels of care.

Community Access™ Portal is the latest way that TeleTracking is bringing our mission of eliminating wasted time and resources in healthcare to life.  We want providers to spend less time getting patients into the hospital, and more time focusing on providing warm, engaging, quality care.

To learn more, download TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ and/ or Community Access™ Portal datasheet(s) by clicking on the hyperlinks.

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