Seven of the ten largest hospitals in America are using TeleTracking software for capacity management.

That fact is based on a list of largest U.S. hospitals compiled by Billians HealthData from the latest CMS reports.

While bigger isn’t always better, in this case we’re also talking about some of the very best hospitals in the nation. And they are intensely focused on managing their capacity more efficiently.

The list includes clients New York Presbyterian, Jackson Memorial, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, Montefiore (NYC), Methodist Hospital of San Antonio and Barnes Jewish.

Here is the complete list, by rank, beds, FTEs and Discharges.


To put this in perspective, the average number of staffed med/surg beds per hospital nationally is 172 versus 1,613 for the Top 10 largest hospitals. The largest hospitals have 10,368 FTEs versus a national average of 1,143 and discharge 76,020 patients per year versus 6,916.

Obviously, based on their sheer size and the numbers of people involved in their daily operations, these institutions all have capacity issues to deal with. Naturally, we’re honored that they have turned to TeleTracking to help them deal with those issues.

Micki Lerch, who is in charge of bringing about the unification of capacity management for New York Presbyterian’s four acute care hospitals, says she was happy that TeleTracking was already installed when she took that position.

I have seen other software solutions and they don’t come close to TeleTracking,” she says.

One of the best things about TeleTracking’s solution is its flexibility, she adds.

It can even build custom reports, so you can look at an issue from a myriad of perspectives,” Micki said.

She said every hospital was using TeleTracking differently when she arrived, even though it is an enterprise solution.

We had four different dictionaries across the system. Now we have one. We’ve standardized across the four hospitals, with over 2,000 beds, to begin measuring our patient flow metrics to identify what we’re doing well and where our areas of opportunity exist.”

What about your hospital? If our solutions can work in the biggest health system in America, how does that relate to your problems?


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