The excitement level was high at the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio with hundreds of patient flow experts who gathered for TeleCon18.


The keynote address was given by Jake Poore, President & Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems.  Jake spent nearly two decades at the Walt Disney World Company in Florida helping to recruit, hire, train and align their 65,000 employees toward one end in mind: creating memorable experiences for individuals.  Jake discussed how customer connections are built with every touch point; that you can’t be so focused on the task at hand that you miss the big picture and how focusing on human connections creates an atmosphere of trust.

President Chris Johnson then took the stage to share his thoughts on the fact that the one thing that hasn’t changed since last year is our mission—to ensure that no one will ever have to wait for the care they need. But what has changed since last year are the thousands of lives saved, millions of returned operating margins and millions of hours that nurses have been able to turn into time at the bedside because of our solutions.

Chris then addressed the challenges facing healthcare in the current environment, and then reiterated TeleTracking’s commitment to stand ready to support all clients during this critical time―and invest time and resources along with them to change the orthodoxy of care coordination.  Chris concluded with the concept of TeleTransformation—including how with TeleTrackingIQ we will continue to deliver the premiere operating platform on the market. 

TeleTracking Clinical Advisor Maria Romano and DAISY Foundation President and Founder Bonnie Barnes presented the second annual DAISY Awards for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow. The award recognizes nurses, and teams of care providers who are led by a nurse, for their work in transitioning patients through the care delivery system.  The 2018 team award winner went to The Sheikh Zayed Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center (EMTC) at Children’s National Health System for their accomplishments in decreasing left without being seen metrics, arrival to provider wait times and lengths of stay, along with improved patient satisfaction.  The individual award winner went to Kim Jefferson, Swedish Medical Center (Colorado) for her work revamping the assignment process for both the ED and PACU to assure better intra-department communication.

The morning concluded with TeleTracking describing how we all strive to remove operational complexities so that caregivers can deliver the care their patients need.  She also talked about the continued focus on guiding clients and helping them implement best practices, and that it’s not just about creating new best practices but evolving them. She also unveiled TeleTracking’s new transformational methodology, ACHIEVE. This new methodology will help our clients facilitate real institutional change at their organization and help them realize meaningful outcomes sooner. Lastly, we debuted ASSESS, TeleTracking’s outcomes readiness assessment. This tool will help our clients better understand their opportunities to improve operational performance and the associated financial impact. The output will be delivered in an executive summary format to gain consensus and buy-in at their organization.

In the afternoon, customers participated in breakout sessions and boot camps. They also had the opportunity to take in three experiences:

  • Live Command Center: This year, the Command Center made it possible for conference-goers to explore the capabilities at their own pace. They were also able to ask questions and engage with our clinical operations leaders and discuss how a command center could benefit their health system—from creating a cohesive patient experience to getting ready for the next disaster.
  • Innovation Lab: The Innovation Lab once again provided customers with the opportunity to share information with TeleTracking patient flow experts― and provided Tele experts with an opportunity to show how we’re applying their insights.
  • TeleBar: TeleTracking patient flow experts were available for one-on-one consultations.  All appointments were scheduled using TeleTracking’s newest solution Community Scheduling and Workflow―making it possible to schedule both the appointment and receive updates on the appointment status―including any delays.

The day concluded with Tele clients and Tele staff enjoying a Texas-style dinner and live country music.

Day 1 Video

Stay tuned for the Day Two wrap up! 

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