Since the first wave of healthcare reform closed scores of hospitals in the 1990s, patient capacity has been an increasing problem for those which remain.

Overcrowding keeps sick patients from accessing necessary care and affects your hospital’s bottom line by both limiting the number of patients you can treat and increasing the operational cost of delivering care to those you do serve. And with patient reimbursement rates set by external payers, operational roadblocks that unnecessarily extend patient length of stay may mean you’ll have to assume costs which exceed the established pay rates.

TeleTracking Technologies was founded to improve efficiency of the various processes which support care delivery for our partner hospitals. By eliminating the operational roadblocks that increase patients’ lengths of stay, our hospitals are eliminating waste in areas as diverse as meal costs to staffing costs, just by getting patients out of the hospital sooner.

One example of how TeleTracking has transformed operations is in transporting patients.

Years ago, the typical approach to patient transport was to have a human dispatcher filter requests from nurses via phone and assign the next available transporter to service the call, regardless of where that person was anywhere in the hospital.

Today, hospitals that use our transport solutions have the advantage of intelligent dispatcher logic that prioritizes the requests, matches them with the nearest transporter and the proper equipment, and makes the assignment, often via smartphone. These hospitals are saving time; providing quicker, faster service to patients and caregivers; and streamlining staffing needs.

From transport teams to environmental services (EVS) staff, the emergency department to the operating room, TeleTracking solutions help to coordinate the numerous operational activities that are critical to safe, quality and efficient care delivery through a patients’ entire length of stay.

Think about your own organization and imagine the opportunities to eliminate waste that may be extending your patients’ lengths of stay. What if you could gain the room capacity to provide greater access to treat more emergent cases, decrease costs and increase your patient volume? That’s a win for both the community you serve and for your hospital itself.

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