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Increases in Emergency Department visits, staff shortages and financial constraints are just a few of the reasons health systems need to monitor bed capacity and improve patient flow throughout the health system; from patient access to patient discharge and every step in between.

With TeleTracking’s Capacity Management Suite™, organizations can optimize workflow, provide more timely care, and decrease overall length of stay, all while serving a larger patient population.

With Capacity Management Suite™ you can:

  • Improve discharge efficiency & reduce bed turnover times
  • Decrease wait times & minimize ED holds
  • Visualize capacity across the system & optimize patient placements
  • Reduce LOS & minimize wait times in all inpatient areas
  • Align patient flow stakeholders & automate routine work

Manage Patient Demand and Maximize Capacity

With unparalleled visibility to projected census and demand from all patient intake areas, both internal and external, and a comprehensive view of bed status in each unit -- throughout a facility and across the health system -- placement staff can manage available and predicted capacity to ensure patents are placed in the right beds at the right times. With a truly cohesive interdepartmental workflow, bed requesters are able to indicate when a patient is ready to move, assign patients to specific beds, even with pending discharges, and indicate bed preferences ahead of time.  

The Capacity Management Suite™ coordinates all critical activities that impact patient flow with a complete set of workflow automation and visibility tools for patient placement, nursing, housekeeping and transport teams.

Patient Flow Managers

  • Alleviate bottlenecks by providing visibility into the units
  • Ensure blocked beds are identified & easily retrieved
  • Improve discharge efficiency & decrease length of stay

Environmental Services

  • Automate communications
  • Track key metrics & employee performance
  • Improve as bed turnover times

Transport Services

  • Pre-schedule transport requests for patients & equipment
  • View jobs & requests in real-time
  • Increase productivity, volume & response time

Nursing Units

  • Provide ‘at-a-glance’ visibility of bed & patient status with electronic nursing boards
  • Manage care progression & discharge milestones
  • Easily view & update patient attributes


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