Perhaps you noticed the Tweet on December 14th? KLASresearch announced that TeleTracking’s clients have voted the TeleTracking Capacity Management Suite a Category Leader for Patient Flow. Again.

It refers to results detailed in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” which you can access on www.KLASresearch.com.

We are thrilled with this honor and recognition which is the result of intense collaboration with our hospital clients to improve on their performance through healthcare automation.

Our Real-Time Capacity Management solutions provide them with metrics which they use to help their hospitals function better. Together, we monitor progress using a scorecard to keep track of all of those metrics.

We carefully track those metrics.

We also closely monitor the one key metric which reflects most on our performance: the number of clients we keep.

It’s been said here that we should always work harder to keep our clients than we do to win new ones. That’s about 180 degrees opposite of the way most of the world looks at business, but that’s our credo.

So you can imagine the elation around here when we learned that TeleTracking has been ranked #1 in Patient Flow in 2011 and 2012, and #1 in Bed Management in 2007, 208 and 2009. Our clients have again voted our Capacity Management Suite “Category Leader” in the patient flow segment, as recorded by KLAS Research.

The KLAS measurement is extraordinary in that it’s not a beauty contest or a vote for the Heisman Trophy, which can be skewed by various considerations. The clients of every competitor in our category were asked just to rate their vendor and no others. It is a measure of how much you are satisfying your clients, and that’s right in our sweet spot.

That explains why we have a client retention rate of over 95 percent, a figure very uncommon to information technology and one that we are most proud of.

To all of our clients, once again we would like to send a heart-felt “thank you” for making our day and our year, and for approaching our common goal of performance enhancement like partners as well as clients.

We wish you continued success in 2013!


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