Hospital CEOs say operational efficiency will be the key to their organizations’ survival as hospital reimbursement moves from a volume model to a value model.

Treating more patients with fewer resources will require innovative strategies to reduce waste and improve safety.

Those were among the results of a recent hospital CEO survey by the American Hospital Association (AHA) published in the April 2014 issue of Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence.

The survey asked those leaders what they planned to do over the next three years to adapt their organizations to the new healthcare environment. More than half listed “improving efficiency” as a key strategy, making it the most common goal among the strategies mentioned.

Foreseeing this need, TeleTracking has evolved from improving patient flow to improving overall hospital operations by integrating our automated software on a single platform, which gives hospital management greater control of daily operations than ever before – and in real time!

An aging population, broader health insurance coverage, and changing regulations are what inspired this shift to greater efficiency. It was clear that manual processes could not provide the support that future health care delivery will demand.

With patient volumes rising, providers will have to deliver the same or better quality care with fewer resources to go around. The only way they can do that is to become more efficient in how they provide that care.

EMRs automate the chronicling and transfer of a patient’s medical history. But they weren’t built to improve the operational side of the hospital. That has been TeleTracking’s focus since it was founded over two decades ago.

Our Real-Time Capacity Management™ platform addresses every point along the patient treatment path, creating an enterprise-wide “operational backbone” which allows hospital leaders to manage more effectively by providing a live “motion picture” of patient, staff and asset location, bed capacity and critical workflow data.  And, with iPad® / iPod touch® devices or smart phones, they can manage from anywhere anytime.

The automation we provide isn’t designed to replace workers, but to allow them to do the job they signed up for – caring for patients. In the process, we’ve removed hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted time for our clients and can provide hundreds of millions of dollars more in new revenue opportunities.

With reimbursement criteria increasingly focused on the “efficiency” of care delivery, we believe that TeleTracking’s Healthcare Operations Management™ solutions will be the differentiator between succeeding and failing in the new regulatory environment.

If you would like to know more about TeleTracking’s Healthcare Operations Management™ solutions, visit us on the web at www.teletracking.com.

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