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PFQ Spring Summer 2019

We're pleased to share the Spring/Summer 2019 Health System Command Center Special Issue of Patient Flow Quarterly! 

Command Center Special Issue

Welcome to the Health System Command Center Special Issue of Patient Flow Quarterly. This issue takes an in-depth look at how these Command Centers are improving patient care and staff productivity. The topics covered include:

  • Why the coordination of care needs to be more centralized: As care delivery becomes more complex, finding ways to coordinate patient care across the continuum is one of the most important challenges facing healthcare institutions today―and why Command Centers are central to a health system’s organizational strategy.
  • The key steps to success when beginning a command center journey: Examples included establishing executive ownership and engagement from the very beginning and positioning the Command Center as the “hub” with all patient throughput activities.
  • How to establish shared situational awareness across an enterprise: It’s now possible to create alignment and transparency across functions like patient access, EVS and transport, and case management.
  • How to get leadership system-wide engaged and aligned: From the front-line to the C-suite it’s important to ensure every member of the organization understands their unique role in adopting change and follows the roadmap to positive outcomes.

You’ll also find industry news, as well as information on the upcoming Command Center Summit, July 15-16 in Chicago, IL and TeleCon19, October 20-23 in Miami, FL. And finally, a profile of TeleTracking’s Employee of the Year, Product Manager Lauren Gambatese!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and interest!  

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