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Community Scheduling & Workflow eBook

Attract, Schedule & Retain New Patients in your Ambulatory & Clinical Care Settings


Bringing self-scheduling and real-time transparency into your network can have a large and sustainable impact on patient satisfaction and retention. Patients report that ease of scheduling and on-time appointments are two of the most important factors in their overall healthcare experience. You can significantly enhance patient satisfaction—which translates to more business for your health system with TeleTracking's Community Scheduling & Workflow solution.

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What CSW can do for you

Adding Value

Provider Value

  • Faster patient processing
  • Streamlined workflow tools and EHR integration
  • Automated post-appointment surveys for immediate feedback 

Patient Value

  • Self-schedule ambulatory appointments via your health system’s website
  • Automated appointment reminders and self-registration
  • Automated text communication to confirm appointments or cancellations

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