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Disasters range from hurricanes, tornadoes and fires, to floods, earthquakes, and mass casualty events, such as acts of terrorism.  For healthcare professionals, and other first responders, that safe distance doesn’t exist—they are on the front lines of the most challenging situations imaginable—and how they perform can at the very least make a demanding situation more manageable, and at the very most save lives.

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Disaster Readiness

It's during these events that the procedures these healthcare professionals practice day in and day out, are suddenly scaled—moving beyond process and evolving into the organizational backbone of a health system. And when those processes include an established patient flow strategy, scaling those processes to account for a large influx of patients (or mass exodus) or a different use of space becomes easier—bringing rapid, lifesaving care to patients, families and communities in a systematic manner.


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Hospital Command Centers

TeleTracking's Operational Command Center model is changing the future of patient care.

Staff wait for caregivers, caregivers wait for resources, and patients are waiting too long for care: this is the norm at too many health systems.

Something has to change. There is a better way.

Award-winning health systems are establishing TeleTracking Operational Command Centers to expand access to care and increase visibility and communication across their systems, community providers and patient populations.

Our integrated solutions provide the foundation and technology needed to establish a robust command center. Our real-time visibility shines the light on bottlenecks and pain-points, so you can assess your health system operations in real-time, predict and manage demand, and proactively assign the right resources. Insights for long-term strategic planning are gained, resulting in consistently exceptional patient experiences, improved staff satisfaction, and growth and sustainability for your health system.


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