TeleTracking rolled out a vision for the future at its 10th Annual Client Conference. The vision is to “eliminate waste from healthcare.”

Recognizing TeleTracking’s role in impacting some of the major contributors to waste, specifically around the inefficient delivery of care, it was the “How To” that got the clients in attendance excited.

Saying TeleTracking’s role is to “Protect Your Mission by Improving Your Margin” company president Michael Gallup announced in his opening remarks that TeleTracking intends to expand its operational platform to automate every non-clinical activity in hospitals and health systems, including ancillary and outpatient processes. “We want to provide all the operational support and visibility that we possibility can,” Gallup said. “That includes helping with O.R. throughput, expanding beyond the 4 walls of the hospital, expanding solutions for logistical support processes and furthering predictive modeling.”

“We aren’t just patient placement, environmental services and transport, as important as those functions are.”

The company’s plan is to reach 100 percent automation in as many processes as feasible so these activities just get done “without anyone needing to request anything.” To accomplish this, TeleTracking has built out an operational platform called Real-Time Capacity Management™, which uses enabling technologies such as real-time locating systems to trigger its event-driven online automation solutions and the extensive data TeleTracking already collects to better predict what and whom to plan for.

Referring to the Institute of Medicine’s recent recommendations that healthcare should adopt more industrial methods of removing waste, Gallup reminded the audience that TeleTracking solutions “are akin to manufacturing –type products that already provide a way to manage some of the complexities of your job.”

“We shouldn’t be playing the blame game here,” he said. “We shouldn’t feel guilty about the waste that has built up over many years. It’s a complex problem. There are a lot of things going on. But we should be working now to engineer that waste out of healthcare.”

The former IBM executive said healthcare was the only industry he could think of where the employees come to work every day not knowing what to expect. Because of the reactive nature of caring for the ill or injured, it may never be possible to forecast daily functions with 100 percent accuracy.

But perhaps like no other company, TeleTracking is within reach of predicting resource requirements well ahead of when they are needed. Gallup sees this forecasting capability as one of the keys to driving waste out of the U.S. healthcare system.

“Suppose we could get to 80 percent accuracy,” he asked the crowd. “Is that better than where we are today? Imagine what that could do for your ability to manage more efficiently?”

Gallup said client collaboration was vital to mutual success and promised several examples of clients who are moving in that direction now.

“There’s a mountain of waste out there that we can attack together,” he said.

The TeleTracking client conference, running from Sunday, Oct. 21 through Wednesday, Oct. 24, is being held at the Hyatt Regency, in Bonita Springs, Florida. Valerie Fritz

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