If you’re ready to master operational efficiency in your hospital, you will enjoy these highlights from “From Silos to Organizational Transparency“, the first of 7 webinars in the mastering operational efficiencies series from TeleTracking.

In this 30-minute webinar presentation, TeleTracking’s Maria Romano outlined five simple ways hospitals can break down silos and move towards organizational transparency:

1. Hold lean processes accountable

2. Create a centralized bed department with patient flow as main priority

3. Predict capacity by knowing potential and confirmed discharges ahead of time

4. Institute interdisciplinary rounds on each unit to help reduce Length of Stay

5. Discontinue bed meetings to increase productivity and reduce waste

Silos, in effect, represent “decentralized management,” according to Romano. They are full of broken processes that increase waste and financial burdens within the hospital. They are the result of ambitious directors, managers, charge nurses, physicians, etc., all working separately to achieve their own goals.

When silo mentality takes control of the culture, the well-being of the hospital suffers.

We asked webinar participants what their current “waste” concerns are, and the top three answers were as follows:

  • Average Length of Stay not meeting budgeted goal
  • Transportation/Housekeeping taking too long to respond to requests
  • ED patients who wait 5 to 6 hours before getting assigned to a bed

So, what do you, as a healthcare professional, do to combat silo thinking and move towards organizational transparency?

Real-time dirty bed notification

Interested in seeing what other useful tips Maria has up her sleeve? Register below for the remaining sessions in this series by clicking the links.

Webinar Series: 7 Ways to Master Operational Efficiencies In Your Hospitalmaria romano pic   Free – Fridays from 11:00 AM to 11:30AM EST
From January 25th, 2013 through April 19th, 2013
Hosted by TeleTracking’s very own Maria Romano, RN, BS Clinical Product Consultant

We hope to see you soon!
Dennis Morabito

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