What if your brand new, super smart tablet computer came with no instructions?

It might take you months, if not years, to unlock a portion of what that tablet can do.

TeleTracking’s capacity management solutions not only come with instructions, but with training as well.  However, unlocking the potential sometimes requires more than that.

We formed our Client Success Management (CSM) team to make sure our clients maximize those capacity management automation solutions to meet defined objectives and even help to define those objectives with you.

How can Client Success Managers help you get more out of your capacity management automation solution?

Client Success Managers are your direct connection to TeleTracking.  Our CSMs guide you through our organization to partner you with the right TeleTracking resources.

Over the past year, we’ve recruited experts who can help you make a difference in your organization’s performance by exploring possibilities not yet imagined. Our CSMs include RNs, BSNs, patient flow experts, transport experts, EVS experts, implementation engineers, professional trainers, MBAs, sales professionals and application specialists.

They will make sure you have answers when you need them. They will help align our technical, analytical and consulting capabilities to your organization’s goals.  And they will place you directly at the center of our organization.

To do this, our CSMs regularly create client action plans that direct you toward desired outcomes and uncover goals that you might not have considered achievable. They also help establish metrics that serve as guideposts for improvement.

They will visit you throughout the year to:

  • Evaluate whether your institution is getting full benefit from our capacity management automation software and services
  • Point out how interfaces with other systems can dramatically increase productivity and enhance outcomes
  • Make the case help for financial support with your institution’s leadership
  • Provide the latest examples of how other clients improve operational performance with our capacity management automation products
  • Produce successful outcomes and a client experience that delivers long-term value for you

As always, we promise to support you in your quest for operational efficiency, because our ultimate goal is to be your trusted partner and to help you achieve success.

After all, your success is our success.

If you would like to learn more about our Client Success Team or do not have a CSM currently assigned to your hospital, please contact me directly.  We’re here to help.

Tammy Moore
VP Client Success Management

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