Apparently, there’s nothing more uplifting for the human body and spirit than gratitude.

At least, according to Dr. Oz.

We at TeleTracking agree. In fact, gratitude is often a subject of discussion in company gatherings. And we have a lot to be thankful for:

1) We work for a company that makes a difference in people’s lives. That gives us a reason to take our jobs in healthcare automation and real-time capacity management very seriously, and a reason to keep striving to make our products better. We could be making “Twinkies.”


2) We work for a company that is changing the face of healthcare. We believe we can have an impact on up to $300 billion of the $760 billion identified by the IOM as wasted healthcare dollars.

3) We work in a growth industry. Regardless of how budget talks shake out, healthcare won’t be going anywhere. The needs and opportunities it presents give us cause to be excited about our future.

4) We work with smart people. All of the folks who work at TeleTracking are talented and experienced. Many have experience within the hospital setting. All have an extraordinary base of clients to help them puzzle through the next solution.

5) We work with smart leadership. As a private company we not only are free from the constraints of quarter by quarter thinking, we are led by people who actually care about other people. And the products we make reflect that.

6) We work with great clients. We are fortunate to have many of the top institutions in the world as our clients. We are also thankful that more than 95 percent of them stay with us and actually become development partners. No one in the industry has the base of knowledge we do when it comes to capacity management, and our clients are a key reason why.

So when we sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner this year, we’ll have a lot to give thanks about, not the least of which is the place we’ll return to after the holiday.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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