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A conversation with Jeanne Iasella, Vice President of Product Management

Jeanne Iasella New Analytics

Analytics are the lifeblood of operations for a health system. They make it possible to know precisely what is happening across the health system in any given moment—and make the decisions that drive the best outcome for a patient. Analytics empower an executive to see how operations have performed historically and chart a new course for change. And ultimately, they allow a health system to predict what will likely occur in the future and adapt their operations in order to be ready to respond. This is why the launch of TeleTracking’s new, cloud-based, health system analytics platform SynapseIQ is such an important step forward.

Jeanne Iasella, Vice President of Product Management—who has responsibility for continuing to innovate and refine the solutions that help health systems deliver excellent patient care—shares her thoughts on what makes this such a defining moment for TeleTracking.

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