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We're pleased to share this first volume of the brand new 2021 Health System Command Center Special Issue of Patient Flow Quarterly! 

Health System Command Center 2021 ebook V 1

Welcome to a special issue of Patient Flow Quarterly!  Over the course of the past year, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have showcased the dedication, commitment, and heroism of healthcare workers.  It has also showcased the importance of having real-time, enterprise-wide transparency—with actionable and meaningful data from a health system command center—to drive decision-making.

TeleTracking’s three decades of experience of working to ensure no patient waits for the care they need means we have the experience and insight to meet you where you are in your patient flow journey—and provide you with a solution that centralizes care, provides operational alignment, and offers shared situational analysis.  We are pleased to share stories of health systems across the country—who by successfully implementing a health system command center—are giving caregivers more time at the bedside and improving patient care.

  • More Patients, Better Care: Baystate Health Maximizes Resources through Centralization.

  • A Centralized Vision: How Kettering Health Network’s Next-Generation Operational Command Center is Improving Patient Care.

  • Rural and Urban: How Carilion Clinic Uses Centralization to Provide Excellent Care to All.

  • Disaster Readiness: Three Stories of Responsiveness and Resilience at Kettering Health Network, University Medical Center of El Paso and Broward Health.

We hope you find you find these resources helpful and insightful—and that you can start envisioning how a centralization strategy, driven by a health system command center, can work for you.

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