Like all industries, healthcare is constantly evolving and adapting to the latest market challenges. And that means health systems are seeking creative solutions to deal with changing payer models, new technologies, and new regulations―along with finding ways to provide an optimal patient experience. In addition, these systems are asked to do a lot more with a lot less―and they need to do it quicker than ever by adjusting on a dime to react to competitive pressures in a turbulent market.

We know that as health systems become more complicated, and the care they deliver becomes more decentralized, healthcare analytics are playing an increasingly important role in driving operations. With an unprecedented amount of data available today, leaders presumably should have the insight to transform operations across their enterprise and drive the necessary change to deliver that superior patient experience.

Yet, a recent article in Healthcare IT News1 found that many strategic decisions across providers are made on departmental or single-hospital-basis―and only one in four of those organizations surveyed in the article are making use of executive dashboards. And while HIMSS Analytics2 found that the majority (92.7 percent) of healthcare organizations in the same survey say they do have an analytics strategy―fewer than 33 percent say they've been able to substantially and successfully execute on that strategy. And, for the ones that do use executive dashboards regularly, more than half (58.6 percent) apply these analytics only for departmental or single-hospital decision making―and just 24.3 percent of the healthcare leaders in the survey say their organizations are able to leverage analytics in a strategic way across multi-hospital systems.

Enter SynapseIQ™—TeleTracking’s next-generation healthcare analytics solution that consumes the data from our operational platform and transforms it into actionable insight. SynapseIQ™ provides leaders with the critical decision support they need to optimize patient flow across their enterprise, drive accountability among staff, and achieve their strategic business goals.

SynapseIQ™ provides significant value to health systems that includes:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility: SynapseIQ™ allows you to view and manage hospital operations across your enterprise―and address the downstream capacity issues that can affect overall operations.
  • Timely and actionable data provides situational awareness: Excellent patient care requires making critical decisions. With SynapseIQ™, workflow bottlenecks are quickly identified, and solutions can be easily deployed.
  • Best Practice Integration: Knowing where to start can be half the battle. Integration with TeleTracking’s best practice target metrics spotlight workflow bottlenecks and help operational leaders mobilize resources for quick and focused improvements
  • Root cause identification: Our out-of-the-box dashboards and reports allow operators to drill down from the enterprise to the individual patient allowing leaders at every level to identify workflow bottlenecks and optimize operations.
  • Scalability: Cloud hosting greatly speeds access to new features and updates, and scales quickly and easily with your organization.

And with an enterprise dashboard and a suite of executive dashboards, health system leaders have access to everything they need to run their health system – including an overview of the key performance metrics necessary to operate a command center in one view―including census by campus, incoming patients that need a bed, patients being transferred into/out of the system, as well as information pertaining to rooms that need to be cleaned by environmental services, and patients that need to be transported to tests or discharged. Having data is one thing―extracting the right data to transform insight to action is another.

Ready to learn more?

All you need is 30 minutes to view the SynapseIQ™ webinar-on-demand. You can also view a list of common questions from your colleagues who have decided to begin their analytics journey with SynapseIQ™.

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