Since the Industrial Revolution, automation has been viewed as the enemy of the employee.  The word “automation” itself can conjure images of robots so smart they will eventually replace humans.

Certainly, there are instances in healthcare of robots delivering hot meals and medications, and robot pharmacies preparing those meds.  But not all automation replaces workers.Some types simply make them more efficient.

At TeleTracking, we’re delivering the kind of automation that eliminates waste, not people. It’s the kind that drives efficiency, and curtails the layoff-rehire cycle that can be so common in healthcare today.  Our solutions make healthcare better prepared to serve aging Baby Boomers and the newly insured citizens soon to be introduced by the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare Automation Designed to Eliminate Wasted Time

TeleTracking solutions provide automation designed to remove wasted time from the hospital’s daily operational processes. In doing so, our hospital partners add capacity at the end of the day, the month, and the year. Additional capacity, without the cost and debt service of new construction, provides the opportunity to treat additional patients and deliver more contribution to the margin. And margin, as we all know, is what allows hospitals to continue to pursue their mission of healing.

TeleTracking delivers automated operational management to many of America’s top hospitals through its software applications and process re-design consulting services.  Rather than prompting mass layoffs, we’re helping our partner hospitals to save money by operating as efficiently as possible and to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

Healthcare Automation Provides Unparalleled Transparency

TeleTracking solutions provide real-time visibility and accountability to all areas impacted by patient demand – including incoming transfers; the availability of patient rooms, beds, operating rooms and procedural areas; workforce management and mobile equipment asset management.

Our Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions optimize all of the underlying systems which support care delivery – providing unparalleled transparency for a broad spectrum of daily hospital activities.

Healthcare Automation Enables Continuous Care Delivery Improvement

By placing the physical operations of the healthcare enterprise on-line for all appropriate managers to see, these solutions allow for “massively-distributed decision-making” in real-time.

This in-the-moment visibility allows healthcare managers to take needed corrective action in moments, rather than requiring weeks to analyze performance data. By controlling virtually all operational functions online, such as transfers, in-patient tracking, staff location, recent admissions, recent discharges, room assignments and cleans, operating room and procedural area utilization, mobile equipment searches, and critical workflow improvement, hospitals can achieve continuous care delivery improvement without adding cost, people, space or inventory.

Healthcare Automation Means Hospital People Can Care for More Patients

Peak operational performance means more people can be seen, more operations can be performed, and more patients can be transferred from other hospitals for the care they need.

We think healthcare automation is a concept whose time has definitely come. What do you think?


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