Healthcare has been compared to a three-legged stool. One of the legs is “Cost.” Another is “Quality.” The third is “Access.”

Most three-legged stool analogies end with “you can have two, but you can’t have all three.”

We don’t see it that way, because everything TeleTracking makes or does, in fact, addresses all three.

Our Real-Time Capacity Management™ platform:

•    Reduces cost and adds revenue by increasing the operational efficiency of a hospital.

•    Provides better access by increasing the utilization of existing space 20 percent or more.


•    Enhances quality care by providing more timely care for patients.

We designed it that way because our mission is to help hospitals fulfill their mission. That means helping them to remain financially viable, reduce overcrowding and get the patient to the right place at the right time.

Just as the big clinical IT vendors have built out the “digital” backbone of the hospital, we’re building the “operational” backbone, with its own nervous system (real-time tracking and reporting capabilities) and its own brain (advanced data analysis). The result is an institution that functions at a higher level than ever before.

TeleTracking’s vision is to automate the entire physical operation of the hospital (and the entire health system). That might not sound like much compared to, say, brain surgery, but we believe automation and real-time feedback on how that automation is functioning offers hospitals the fastest way to take costs out of their operations while maintaining and even improving the quality of the care they deliver.

And we will integrate with everyone in order to optimize that care delivery. Compare this with some clinical IT vendors who refuse to integrate for purely business reasons. Whose mission are they protecting?

The mission of a hospital is to provide the best care possible to the people who need it. This is a noble cause, and one we should all support, if for no other reason than the fact it was created for all of us. Businesses need to make a profit in order to carry on, but that profit should not come at the detriment of the institution or cause that is the reason those businesses exist. That philosophy is part of healthcare’s problem.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but by aligning our mission to the hospital’s mission, we believe we have taken a giant leap in the right direction.


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