How the Right Patient Flow and Scheduling Solution Can Improve Patient Satisfaction, Enhance Staff Productivity, and Grow Your Practice

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Consumers across the board are plugged in, and more and more patients are using digital technology for self-service care. Meeting the demands of today’s patients goes well beyond clinical outcomes—it’s also necessary to deliver a high-quality, high-engagement consumer experience. That’s why TeleTracking is applying nearly three decades of patient flow experience to the ambulatory care setting―and why we’re sharing our knowledge in a new eBook: Improve Patient Experiences Every Day: How the Right Patient Flow and Scheduling Solution Can Improve Patient Satisfaction, Enhance Staff Productivity, and Grow Your Practice.

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Duplicate data entry, multiple reminder calls, and impatient, frustrated patients are difficult to manage. If you’ve ever looked at a stack of clipboards with a dawning sense of dread—because each of those forms needs to be entered into the EHR, manually—and you’re also wondering how you’ll make it through another week of double-booked patients, then you should be seriously considering software solutions.

This eBook walks you through the five pillars of patient engagement, and how you can select a software solution that fulfills all your patient experience needs.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Think beyond basic features when evaluating software
  • Identify bottlenecks and how to resolve them at every phase of the patient journey
  • Capitalize on new patient revenue, capture more new net patients, and decrease no shows
  • Improve scheduling efficiency and automate confirmations
  • Enhance staff performance and productivity through analytics
  • Ensure that your patients show up for their appointments 
  • Elicit timely, honest feedback from patients so you’ll always know how your team is performing from the patient perspective


This eBook is for you if:

  • You don’t have a clear idea of how or where to improve productivity
  • Your no-show rate is increasing, and penalty fees haven’t worked
  • You’re double-booking
  • Competition for new patients is growing in your area
  • Your staff spends too much time scheduling patients, calling patients about appointment reminders, and doing manual data entry
  • Your waiting room times are high or unpredictable
  • You are still using clipboards for forms
  • Your practice depends on patient satisfaction as a source of revenue

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