Hope Stack, System Flow Administrator, and Harmony Robinson, Nurse Analyst, at Palmetto Health in South Carolina join us for this episode of Patient Flow Podcast.  Hope and Harmony discuss the challenges Palmetto was facing, including a lack of centralized bed placement, steadily increasing ED and PACU hold times, along with length of stay issues—and how by collaborating with Advisory Services and integrating best practices they were able to improve throughput and serve more patients.

Featured in this Episode of Patient Flow Podcast

Hope Stack, RN, MSN

Director of Patient Flow Operations | Palmetto Health

Hope has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina and a Master in Nursing Administration from Kaplan University.  She has been with Palmetto Health since 1998 and has over 17 years of nursing experience, including over 12 years of nurse management experience.

Harmony Robinson RN, CHES

System Manager-Patient Centered Care | Palmetto Health

Harmony has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Medical University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Clemson University.  She has worked with Palmetto Health for 10 years and has three years of experience with Nursing Research and Program Development implementing Patient Centered Accountable Care Units™.


P.S. Hope and Harmony were featured on a recent webinar on “Interdisciplinary Patient Centered Care Rounding/Optimization through TeleTracking’s Advisory Services.” Click here to watch the on-demand recording.

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Episode Breakdown

  • Palmetto had TeleTracking, but was not fully realizing its potential.
  • A multidisciplinary team was formed to identify best practices, and focus on opportunities within EVS and transport to improve patient flow. The technology solutions included Access Management, Capacity Management and Analytics.
  • Communication and transparency increased when silos were broken down and collaboration increased.
  • Executive leadership has been critical to the success of the technology and process improvement initiatives—they are providing the resources and the opportunities to really highlight what needs to be done within the organization.
  • Accountable Care Units were introduced—with a focus on interdisciplinary rounding—to help get the right patient to the right bed, the first time.

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