Is your hospital thinking about adding OR suites to handle the additional demand it’s getting?

If so, you should stop booth #4250 during the AORN conference, March 30 – April 2 in Chicago, to see the latest version of TeleTracking’s Orchestrate™ application.


How does Orchestrate relate to the operating room?

Orchestrate is the automated “missing link” between scheduling software (things to come) and the EMR (things that already happened). And our newest version is RTLS-enabled to provide visibility in the moment when things actually are happening in the operating room.

For most hospitals, perioperative, procedural and radiology services are the foundation of financial performance. Operating rooms and procedure areas are among the highest margin contributors in health care organizations, accounting for 55-65 percent of overall revenue. At the same time, costs associated with operating rooms and procedure areas can account for 40 percent of an organization’s spend.

Given the high impact on hospital profitability, it’s easy to see the value of increasing utilization and efficiency in those areas.

Because they are complex, dynamic environments, operating rooms require decision-making information from many sources to function safely and efficiently.  Most operating room inefficiencies are related to poor communication and data that is not transparent to the interdisciplinary teams working to support the patient.

Lack of access to quickly changing details can lead to coordination breakdowns and surgical errors, which now approach $17 billion annually in extra costs to the U.S. healthcare system.

Increase the utilization and efficiency of your operating room with Orchestrate

Orchestrate was designed to enhance communication, improve patient throughput, increase utilization and reduce wasted time in procedural and therapy areas such as the operating room.

It takes the anticipated schedule and tracks the patient through the procedural process from the time of arrival until transfer or discharge. During that period, it sends detailed milestones to the EMR and makes the historical data available to improve future performance.

When linked to TeleTracking’s RTLS-enabled Capacity Management Suite™ systems, it creates an end-to-end, real-time operational management system that provides maximum transparency and integrated patient flow throughout the entire enterprise.

Orchestrate provides a constant information flow, displayed in an easy-to-read touch screen format, that lets healthcare professionals and families know the status and location of a patient.

The solution is custom-built for each hospital’s unique preferences and workflow patterns to dramatically reduce phone calls and back logs, keep schedules on time and give you oversight of the procedure process.

How do you know if your OR is running at its optimum capacity? We designed a free tool-kit to help you uncover the hidden potential of your operating room.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with us while you’re at AORN, and to see our new mobile app that reduces physician wait times and allows staff to be more productive, visit http://info.teletracking.com/aorn2014.

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