From Bed Management to Workflow Management
By: Chuck Webster, November 4, 2015

What kind of conference do I enjoy most? Apparently, a TeleTracking 2015 Client Conference, which I attended last week in Nevada.  As a premed-accounting major (only one I’ve ever heard of), TeleTracking was full of customer success stories about reduced costs and increased revenues.  With an MS in Industrial Engineering, TeleTracking was full of IE concepts (cycle time, throughput, capacity management, and utilization rates).  Plus an MS in Intelligent Systems (medical informatics), TeleTracking was full of health IT, interoperability, and care transition technology.

Big picture: TeleTracking was about two areas rapidly gaining prominence in thinking about healthcare and health IT: productivity and experience. There is an important connection between these two concerns. What is the connection? I am sure I will surprise no one who follows my tweets or who has read this blog before: Workflow.

You may have heard of the cocktail party effect? It occurs when you hear something just sort of pops out at you, punching through a noisy environment. It’s usually a word or sound that has special significance to you. Your name. Your baby crying. Or, in my case, I’ve never been anywhere where I heard, over the crowd noise, all the “workflow”s I heard at TeleTracking.

In my opinion, this is a very good thing.

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