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Patient Flow quarterly FALL 2019

Welcome to the 14th issue of Patient Flow Quarterly! We’re pleased to pay homage to our mission―to ensure that no one will ever have to wait for the care they need. Throughout this issue, we recognize the people whose actions bring this mission to life every minute, of every day. We also recognize the action, collaboration, and drive for results that serve the greater good by improving patient care and staff productivity. 

Patient Flow Quarterly Answering the Call

Key features include:

  • Care Traffic Control―A new program to foster collaboration, innovation, and continuous performance improvement between health system command centers.
  • Reflections on Caregiving and Community―TeleTracking’s compassionate approach, towards both healthcare workers and the overall community.
  • Disaster Readiness―Real-time data provides the shared awareness needed to efficiently manage through critical events.

You’ll also find industry news, as well as Client Success stories on Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group, University of Louisville Hospital and Health First’s Lisa Maples’s career-long dedication to service.



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