Operationalizing the Care Continuum

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Market Pulse – Focus, Strategy, Adaptability

Tim Chapman, Executive Healthcare Advisor joins us on this episode of Patient Flow Podcast to share his thoughts on how now, more than ever, it’s important to stay focused on the key imperatives that drove successful results in 2016.

Tim Chapman
Executive Healthcare
Advisor and Board Member

Tim Chapman has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare. He is an advisor and board member for health systems, academic medical centers, and medical device and technology companies. Tim works at the intersection of operations effectiveness and hospital operations, and helps hospitals maintain/ grow their financial stability in an increasingly uncertain environment. Previously, Chapman served as a Director at McKinsey & Company, and as the President of STERIS healthcare group.

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Episode Breakdown

  • There has been more change affecting healthcare in the last 20 years than in the previous 200 years.  And the speed by which that change is occurring is also increasing.
  • Strategy is a very dynamic, real-time process that requires constant and continuous monitoring and adaptation.
  • There are five broad process dimensions that health systems will need to master well:
    • Making money while taking risks
    • Clinical cost management to attain superior cost quality and safety outcomes
    • Total non-labor cost management including a holistic assessment
    • Patient flow throughout the entire continuum

Systematic elimination of waste and wait times

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