Meet the Experts:  TeleTracking Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Workflow Consulting Group

The TeleTracking Blog Team is introducing a “Meet the Experts” series so that you can get acquainted with our team of subject matter experts.  They’re not just our experts, they are industry leaders who understand the challenges hospital staff face every day.  And, they’re always accessible.

Our series commences with TeleTracking’s RTLS Workflow Consulting Group. This talented team of equipment process flow professionals helps hospitals and health systems implement or improve hospital-specific asset management through a combination of strategic change and best practice guidelines to create optimal equipment flow processes to impact productivity, cost reductions and quality care metrics throughout your enterprise.


Jon PoshywakJon Poshywak, Managing Director

Jon leads TeleTracking RTLS Consulting Services group, and joined TeleTracking from Sundance Enterprises, Inc, a company that develops and manufactures a proprietary fluidized positioning technology used in acute and post acute care settings from the NICU through the various ICUs and medical-surgical areas.

Prior to that, John spent 15 years in different hospital asset management businesses with Hill-Rom and MEDIQ, spending his last 5 years as a General Manager for an asset services business.  Jon’s teams successfully implemented more than 45 hospital imbedded asset management programs that focused on process improvement driven by asset utilization.

Jon did have a life before healthcare – he spent five years in the Army as an analyst and competitive distance runner and then finished his college education at Rowan University studying English.

Email: jon-poshywak@teletracking.com

Rob TeachoutRob Teachout, Project Manager

Rob’s most recent experience prior to joining TeleTracking was with Johnson Controls’ where he completed a long-term assignment in France in a manufacturing consultative role.

Prior to Johnson Controls, Rob spent 6 years in hospital asset management with Hill-Rom, where he held a regional operations management role in an asset services business. Rob successfully implemented and managed 13 hospital-embedded asset management programs that focused on process improvement driven by asset utilization.

Rob, too, had a life before healthcare.  He spent 8 years with Johnson Controls’ Automotive Systems Group in various manufacturing and technical leadership roles and was a field medic and practical nursing student in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Email: robert-teachout@teletracking.com

John CutshallJohn Cutshall, Project Manager

John joined our team as a Workflow Services Project Manager with over 26 years of health care experience and related work flow solutions.

Prior to TeleTracking, he held a leadership position at Hill-Rom as a National Operations Director for their asset management division where he had direct operational oversight of the 45 plus embedded programs, along with responsibility for leading successful implementations and providing work flow solutions to health care facilities across the country.

Before Hill-Rom, John was employed by Kinetic Concepts, Inc, as a Service Consultant, providing medical and therapeutic services and solutions to customers throughout the West Texas region,  He started his healthcare career at Covenant Medical Center in West Texas, where he acquired considerable understanding of health care operations.

Email: john-cutshall@teleracking.com

RTLS Workflow Consulting Group also leads the TeleTracking RTLS site assessment process

In addition to providing and managing post implementation workflow consultative services for RTLS clients, the RTLS Workflow Consulting Team leads the TeleTracking RTLS site assessment process. Their unique focus is on true equipment utilization metrics tied to inpatient demographic to get to the core of existing equipment fleet right-sizing.  They look at the entire equipment flow process from an enterprise-wide perspective with focus on:

  • Equipment storage, transportation and clinical engineering
  • Tracking and billing functions
  • Utilization of owned and rented equipment
  • Equipment shortages or excesses
  • Nursing satisfaction with current equipment procedures

The result is a detailed analysis and plan using each hospital’s specific information along with the recommended process improvement methodology for outcomes around:

  • Excess inventory units representing capital equipment that can be repurposed or removed from inventory
  • Capital purchase analysis that can reduce planned purchases
  • Rental equipment management recommendations to assure every piece of rented equipment is needed
  • Equipment security assessment to assure expensive assets are not walking out the door
  • Preventive maintenance and equipment recall programs to keep medical equipment safe and operational
  • Temperature monitoring assessments to automate compliance with temperature regulations.

Have you considered RTLS to simplify or improve your equipment processes?  RTLS can help you better manage equipment and provide visibility and accountability to improve staff efficiency and productivity.   We’d welcome the opportunity for you to meet these experts in person, discuss your biggest equipment challenges, share their insights and best practices with you.


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