Early reports from the field indicate that TeleTracking’s mobile XT App – which can be used on an Apple® iPhone® or iPod® device – is a potential game changer when it comes to operational efficiency for hospital transport departments!

Productivity has sharply increased in the transport departments of several TeleTracking client hospitals since preliminary trials with the mobile apps began.

In one case, a transporter at a medical center in Western North Carolina boosted his job completion rate from 1.6 assignments per hour to five.

The mobile apps are replacing the traditional in-house paging method of assigning jobs. They eliminate the delays of several minutes that are common to paging, as well as the time it takes transporters to find a telephone to accept the assignment.

Expectations are that this technology shift will speed up processes all along the operational management spectrum, potentially resulting in spectacular productivity gains.

The director of asset management/transport at the medical center, says in one week’s time the mobile app on the iPod® Touch® device is “changing and reshaping” his organization.

For example, trials of the iPod® Touch device have decreased the average transporter response time at FRMC from 19 minutes to 18 minutes on average.

This technology is sure one of the best upgrades that has happened to our transport group since we installed in March of 2012.  On several occasions,” he writes, “I have been viewing the screen and see four job requests entered, and by the time I refresh the jobs are already dispatched.  I’ve been able to purchase the devices for about $169 – not much more than an alphanumeric pager,” he says.  “Yesterday, we ordered four additional devices, giving us a total of 10. Once everyone starts using the mobile devices, I am sure our stats will only get better.

Although mobile IT has made dramatic contributions to care delivery on the clinical side, statistics like these show terrific promise for significant productivity increases on the operational side.

Stay tuned in. We’ll be following up with reports from other mobile app trial locations in the near future.

In the meantime, if you would like more information about TeleTracking’s Mobile Solutions click here, or contact us at marketing@teletracking.com or 800-331-3603 for more information.

Tom Perry, Sr. Product Manager

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