Every minute, of every hour, of every day, doctors demonstrate their dedication by providing thoughtful, compassionate care—helping patients when they are at their most vulnerable, often under difficult, highly stressful circumstances.  As doctors across the United States and around the world are doing everything they possibly can to battle COVID-19, we want to say a heartfelt “thank you” in recognition of National Doctor’s Day.  This day has been set aside to recognize physician contributions for the past 87 years—and this year, showing appreciation to these selfless heroes is more important than ever.

National Doctors Day 2020

And in addition to treating COVID-19 patients, doctors are continuing to be there for all of the other situations their patients face—and they are doing this bravely, stoically and compassionately:

  • Caring for a brand-new mother during her 12 hours of labor, placing the beautiful baby on her chest―and being a part of the moment where their eyes meet for the first time.
  • Responding to the trauma code in the emergency department, working on the car accident victim, and then sharing with the victim’s spouse about what the recovery process is going to be like.
  • Comforting a patient after explaining their stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Stopping at the store to pick up a Batman cape for the 7-year-old pediatric patient who said he wants to dress up like Batman for his leukemia treatment the next day.

Now and always, TeleTracking is honored to support you, help you have more time at the bedside and provide you with the tools that help you ensure that no patient will ever have to wait for the care they need. 

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