A celebration of nurses – National Nurses Week 2016

Before looking ahead to National Nurses Week 2016, let’s take a quick look back at the woman who inspired this celebration—Florence Nightingale.  From the time she was a child, Florence knew nursing was her calling—she was committed to helping people and providing warm, compassionate care.

Florence also understood the importance of process and the role it plays in ensuring quality patient care and delivering positive outcomes.  Early in her career, she helped fight a cholera epidemic at the hospital she was working at by improving hygiene practices, which significantly lowered the death rate.


Then during the Crimean War in 1854, Florence was called into service to manage the British base hospital in Constantinople.  She quickly assembled a team of 34 nurses to treat the ill and injured soldiers.  When the nurses arrived, they were confronted with appalling conditions.  Florence took charge and assigned teams to thoroughly clean the hospital—all the while tirelessly caring for patients.  In fact it was her nighttime rounds that earned her the name “the Lady with the Lamp.”  Her emphasis on improving the sanitary conditions of the hospital in a methodical way reduced the death rate by two thirds.  She then took what she learned and wrote Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency and Hospital Administration of the British Army, an 830-page report of her experience in Crimea and the reforms that could be implemented to avoid the operational issues she encountered.  The book sparked a total restructuring of the War Office’s administrative department, including the establishment of a Royal Commission for the Health of the Army in 1857.

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer—both as a patient advocate and proponent of establishing workflows that lead to improved patient care.  You are the modern day embodiment of her legacy—the commitment, compassion and dedication you show your patients on a daily basis are truly inspiring.  And that’s why we are happy to recognize your super efforts during National Nurse’s Week 2016 —and by supporting you throughout the year with our solutions, consultants, client success managers, implementation managers, and sales executives.

We love to hear about the kind and heroic acts you perform every day.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please send us your story – info@teletracking.com.

To claim your Super RN TeleBear, a fun way we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary, please complete this short form It’s just a small way of showing that we appreciate you!

We’re also happy to provide you with resources to help you maximize your experience with our solutions.  Please join us for our next TeleTalks webinar, Creating Transport Requests, Understanding Dispatch Priorities, and Contributing to Evidence on May 20, 2016 at 1:00PM EST.   Also, be sure to download the latest issue of our new publication Patient Flow Quarterly This quarter’s issue is focused on patient access.

Have a wonderful Nurses Week!

Nanne Finis
VP, TeleTracking Consulting Services

Ms. Finis leads TeleTracking’s seasoned team of former hospital nurses and administrators in helping clients apply Lean Six Sigma methods and technology to process redesign and workflow automation. She joined TeleTracking in 2013 after more than a decade with Joint Commission Resources (JCR), a not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission.

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