As we celebrate National Nurses Week, let’s remember that nursing is a profession that existed since the dawn of time. Travelers during ancient times were cared for along known trade and travel routes. Locations were marked and visible to those in need. During Biblical times, nursing was part of the expression of faith – demonstrated by offering care and compassion to the afflicted. The Roman Empire saw an enhanced professionalism of nursing through both the systematic organization of work and the establishment of environments of care. Nursing is synonymous with a rich history of addressing pain, suffering and illness.


Nurses are now the largest healthcare workforce on planet Earth!  Nurses touch humans in every corner of the globe. Nurses are a beacon in times of trouble, war, affliction, and persecution. Nurses influence policy and care systems around the world. Nurses provide the majority of healthcare in places seen and unseen. Nurses research, lead, teach, and inspire countless lives each day. In fact, the theme of National Nurses Week is Inspire, Innovate, Influence. The total gift of nurses to humanity may never be known.

Nurse is an identity, a profession, a calling. Nurse is also a title of honor, and honor is earned. The number one trusted professional of all types is a nurse. Year after year, nurse is recognized as being the one profession the public trusts most. Nurse is earned, by hard work and extensive knowledge. Nurse is earned through immersion and empathy. Nurse is not for everyone.

We understand nursing. We understand nurses. We understand being a nurse. We understand because we are a part of the profession, the calling, the identity. Our TeleTracking family includes over 60 nurses on staff. We have great respect for the healing, the hope, the humanity nurses bring to our society.

We at TeleTracking honor and cherish the work of nurses. This is your week. We are proud to work with you. We are honored to care for you. We are humbled to serve you. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your resolve. Thank you for your courageous caring.

Nurses rock! Happy National Nurses Week!

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Dr. Scott Newton has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare—working as an EMT, a nurse, an educator and a patient flow command center leader—he is also a trusted advisor and thought leader.

Dr. Newton has deep knowledge of the healthcare system and understands that success is tied to high reliability, just-in-time responses, and responsible solutions—that it’s about getting it right the first time for patients and clinicians.

A graduate of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Dr. Newton built a Command Center as an output of his doctoral project and believes that as healthcare continues to evolve, patient flow will play an even more prominent role across the care continuum.

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