Every minute, of every hour, of every day, nurses selflessly serve their communities—helping patients when they are at their most vulnerable, often under difficult, highly stressful circumstances. The challenges of COVID-19 have truly showcased their kindness, courage, and grace under pressure, which makes this year’s National Nurses Week—beginning May 6 and ending May 12 on Florence Nightingale’s birthday—truly special. 

Nurses Week 2021

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the types of situations they face every day—bravely, stoically and compassionately:

  • Providing support and care to a COVID-19 patient who is alone and scared.
  • Helping train team members on the proper way of donning PPE in order to keep everyone safe.
  • Caring for a brand-new mother during her 12 hours of labor, placing the beautiful baby on her chest―and then suddenly being part of the moment where their eyes meet for the first time.
  • Holding an elderly woman’s hand as she cries herself to sleep in her hospital bed because she’s confused and doesn’t know where she’s at.
  • Finding a patient who has stopped breathing, is non-respondent to any stimuli on the bathroom floor and starting CPR while calling the code team.
  • Giving a 32-year-old multiple sclerosis patient food via their feeding tube while being asked: “Why has this happened to me?”
  • Stopping at the store to pick up a Batman cape for the 7-year-old pediatric patient who has told the nurse the night before that he wants to dress up like Batman for his leukemia treatment the next day.
  • Picking up the fourth 12-hour shift of the week―because you know that if a unit is short-staffed it’s virtually impossible to do the things mentioned above.

It’s for these reasons—and so many more—that we say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is part of this noble profession. TeleTracking is honored to support you, help you have more time at the bedside and provide you with the tools that help you ensure that no patient will ever have to wait for the care they need. 

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