TeleTracking has upgraded its extremely popular TransferCenter™ application with features that help hospitals make better business decisions.

This release tracks business lost through outbound transfers, and analyzes market trends which can help drive business decisions like whether to add a new specialty or facility. Such decisions would be based, in part, on demographic changes made evident by trending the types of cases being transferred to other facilities. By then determining the long-term needs of the service area, hospital leaders can decide if a new service line might be called for.

In addition to outbound transfers, this release (version 3.1) captures more clinical case data, offers new user interface enhancements, additional notifications and other reporting capabilities.

TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ software has been providing critical access to advanced care for patients across the nation for several years by automating the referral process and linking it to capacity management software which “finds” unused capacity in referral centers. Not only has this saved countless lives, it’s produced a good deal of additional revenue by sharply increasing the volume those centers are capable of handling.

The previous version has already proven its ability to uncover referral market trends. This has helped a significant number of our clients increase referrals, improve referral relationships, analyze the types of referrals received, and determine if new service lines would be of value to their service areas.

For example, a 200+ bed facility south of St. Louis, MO, serving more than 650,000 people in four states increased its transfer volume by 200 patients per month after installing TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ solution. This resulted in an annual margin contribution of $10 million.

TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ solution, which works best when integrated with our other capacity management solutions, allows clients to track instances when patients were not able to be delivered to the requested facility, the reason why, and where they eventually went.

The new upgrade also provides more flexibility in documenting various items and attaching them to a case record, such as isolation organism details, multiple sets of vital signs, and lab/radiology results.

When you roll in enhancements to patient search capabilities, reporting and the ability to concurrently edit patient records in multiple systems, this becomes a very attractive upgrade for existing clients and a great place to start for new ones!

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