When you’re a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life, or a life will touch yours. 

 – Anonymous 

Every year, the first week of May is recognized as Nurses Week—a time where we celebrate and honor the caring, dedicated professionals who serve their communities, stand up bravely for the vulnerable and represent the best of humanityThey are the people who open their heartsand bare their souls by doing things like:  

  • Holding a patient’s hand after a difficult cancer diagnosis 
  • Drying the tears of a child while a broken bone is being set 
  • Hugging the family of a hospice patient taking their last breaths 
  • Rejoicing with a new mother after the birth of a child   

And this year with the COVID-19 pandemicit’s more important than ever to recognizeand thank nurses for their selflessness, strength and dedication to helping and healing. Nurses are true heroes as they continue to courageously and selflessly serve on the frontlines during these very uncertain times.  

And while the current pandemic events have brought global attention to the perils of frontline nursing, those dangers are something that the individuals who have spent their careers there know very well.  They see firsthand the impacts of a lack of access to prompt care, disparities in the healthcare system, and the sometimes-tragic results of having to wait for treatment. When others look away, nurses remain strong, confront challenges head-on and act as healers. They bring light to the darkness, are beacons of compassion, and bring comfort to the conflicted. That is why year after year, they are unequivocally considered one of the most respected professions.  

Did you know… 

  • Nursing is the nation's largest healthcare profession, with more than 3.8 million registered nurses (RNs) nationwide comprising the largest component of the healthcare workforce 
  • Nurses are the primary providers of hospital patient care and deliver most of the nation's long-term care.   
  • There are currently over 100 nursing professions available to nurses. There are more choices than ever before across the care continuumfrom working in long-term care facilities to managing healthcare operations to leading healthcare systems.   

One thing that is consistentregardless of job function, setting or locationis standing up for what is right and just. 

At TeleTracking, we are honored to have many dedicated, devoted nurses on our team—and to be able to work with so many wonderful nurses at our client sites. We’ve featured a few of the clinicians at TeleTracking recently on the blog and will be featuring many more in the Spring issue of Patient Flow Quarterly.  

Happy Nurses Week! 


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