We provide real-time transparency that can be monitored proactively using TeleTracking’s Mobile Apps. These solutions ensure visibility of current performance metrics and changing conditions without delay, which is critical for maintaining smooth operations.

These simple and intuitive dashboards provide both high-level and detailed insights, in addition to notifications of key information helping to quickly identify performance issues, anticipate operational concerns and securely view  patient-specific information and take immediate action no matter where they are.

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How it Benefits You

  • Executives: At-a-glance and detailed views with alerts and notifications for pre-defined metrics across each campus.

  • Patient Flow Teams: Facilitate patient throughput and alleviate bottlenecks through detailed, unit specific visibility for each campus.

  • Charge Nurse: Unit overview with bed statuses, push notifications and alerts to facilitate optimal patient flow.

  • Bedside Nurse: Instant, real-time overview of assigned patients – incoming, in-house, outgoing – along with notifications to keep them proactively informed.

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