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Summer 2017

In this issue we’re focused on the powerful effect an Operational Command Center can have on both patients and staff.  And while it goes by different names—Command Center, Logistics Center, Operations Center, Placement Center—the main takeaway is that this type of centralized concept ensures that care is delivered at the right place, in the right setting, with the right care team, at the right time.

Patient Flow Quarterly | Issue 6

Stories in this issue of Patient Flow Quarterly include: 

  • a spotlight on the impact a Command Center has on each member of the C-suite
  • the best practice model in place at Virginia’s Carilion Clinic
  • how five years into their Command Center journey, Sharp HealthCare is taking what they’ve learned and continuing to improve and refine their approach

We hope you find the information valuable and it helps you learn, grow and make a positive impact on patient care at your facility.

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