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Spring 2018

Patient Flow Quarterly | Issue 9 | Spring 2018

Stories in this Patient Flow Quarterly include:

  • Prescription for Innovative Discharges: VCU Health is improving the patient discharge process by streamlining the prescription process.
  • Innovation Vacation: Nicholas Steinour, MD, FACEP, Medical Director, Emergency Department, Seton Medical Center discovered ideas for process improvement while being charged with the health of 100 passengers on a ship bound for Antarctica.
  • Meeting New Expectations: Learn how TeleTracking’s newest solution, Community Scheduling and Workflow, is using the technology we are all accustomed to with Uber and Open Table to improve the patient experience.
  • Setting the Bar for Success in Action—University Hospitals: Through the use of best practices and an enterprise system that includes a centralized patient placement model, University Hospitals is optimizing patient flow.
  • 15 Minutes with Paige Patterson: As an early adopter of patient flow technology, Paige Patterson lead UCHealth through a transformational effort to leverage a technology and operational collaboration with TeleTracking. Success soon followed with improved patient experience, increased throughput, as well as improved utilization and staff satisfaction.


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