Baylor Scott and White | Part 1

Elisa Ayers, Director of Patient Placement Center, Baylor Scott and White Health joins us on this episode of Patient Flow Podcast.  Elisa discusses the strides Baylor Scott and White has made since opening their transfer center in 2009 in order to streamline and improve the patient transfer experience for patients, physicians and hospital staff.

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Elisa Ayers | Director, Patient Placement| Baylor Scott and White





P.S. Elisa was recently featured in our Summer 2017 Issue of Patient Flow Quarterly™.

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Episode Breakdown

  • Baylor Scott and White focused on in-patient volume first, which taught them a lot about building relationships with physicians, understanding what it was that they were looking for, and what they needed to make a decision about bringing a patient into the healthcare system.
  • There has been a shift in perceptions about what a community medical center can provide making it possible to keep patients in their community rather than sending them to the Dallas campus.
  • An executive committee was formed to look at the transfer center process as a whole.
  • Baylor Scott and White has started the process of centralizing patient placement which will provide quicker access to bed availability at the different campuses.

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