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Predictive Insights for Census

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Leveraging the data you already possess to drive better decision making.

In today’s healthcare landscape, hospitals’ finite resources are facing increasing demand. Right-sizing capacity and staffing for patient demand streams across units, hospitals and the entire health system is critical. Excess capacity leads to costly unoccupied beds while not having enough capacity results in significant lost revenue from unmet demand. Similarly, proactively anticipating and planning for surges directly improves a hospital’s patient care, bottom line, staff satisfaction, and staff retention.

TeleTracking’s Predictive Insights™ Census Edition is designed to give health systems a glimpse into the future. You can now manage census using powerful predictive analytics to forecast capacity, boarders, and bottlenecks days in advance. Intuitive, interactive dashboards allow you to understand the day’s expected census at-a-glance, with visibility across your various admit locations.

Anticipating a surge is only half the battle; that’s why we provide interactive, operational tools that allow nurse managers, patient flow leaders, and other operational leaders the ability to scenario-test surge plans. By calculating scores, you can objectively rank various potential courses of action and be confident that your plans will be effective against an upcoming surge.

Learn more by downloading the Predictive Insights for Census Data Sheet below.

Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

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