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Predictive Insights for Periop

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Align OR resources to meet surgical demand.

A lack of timeline and reliable access to surgical operating room data makes it difficult for perioperative leaders to manage block allocation and utilization. Additionally, inefficient schedules result in excess idle time and overtime, mismatched surgical teams, and even delays caused by insufficient coverage, reducing your bottom line as well as staff satisfaction.

TeleTracking’s Predictive Insights™ Periop Edition provides flexible and powerful insight into block utilization, empower service line and practice managers to independently manage their time allocations and grow their volumes, and allow health systems to optimize staff schedules for surgical teams.

Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

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How it Benefits You

  • Increase OR Utilization
  • Reduce Staff Overtime
  • Improve on-time first starts
  • Grow surgical volume
  • Align staffing structure

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