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Driving Success Through Best Practices

TeleTracking is renowned across the healthcare industry for world-class solutions that help health systems deliver care to more patients across the care continuum. That commitment includes the need to evolve and adapt to meet the industry’s changing needs, expectations and challenges. In this atmosphere, a customer’s decision-making process goes beyond a decision about technology— it’s a decision to commit to a long-term journey of continuous improvement and a completely new way of meeting staff and patient needs. And that’s where nearly three decades of experience—and the associated deep base of knowledge— has led to a well-thought-out set of best practices that focus on the right activities and measures to drive impactful outcomes for both patients and staff.

This story can be found in the Fall 2018 Issue of TeleTracking's Patient Flow Quarterly Magazine. Download the full issue.

Improving Patient Care

Best Practice Beginnings

Nearly three decades of collaborating with health systems has provided a tremendous amount of data and information. So much information, in fact, that the first step in establishing repeated patterns or themes of best practices involves rigorous review by a cross-functional team at TeleTracking to turn knowledge into an actionable, scalable plan. Best practices must be applicable to all hospitals and health systems—large urban, academic, rural, community. “We start by looking at the foundational needs of a hospital, typically environmental services and patient transport, and how these tie into reducing patient wait times,” says Melissa Korzun, Manager, TeleTracking Program Management Office.

“We also looked at the role that clinician’s play in these process, as well as how national best practices tie to our own when designing comprehensive tactics to achieve patient care milestones.”

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