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“To ensure that no one has to wait for the care that they need.”

These simple words have been TeleTracking’s guide and inspiration for close to 30 years. Every day, every employee lives this mission—from analyzing workflows, to bringing solutions to life that support our clients’ work. Living the mission also means being selfless and ready to lend a helping hand to those in our community who are less fortunate—another way of delivering on the importance of being a caregiver.


This compassionate approach, towards both healthcare workers and the overall community, emanates from Michael Zamagias, TeleTracking’s Chairman and CEO. The lack of time caregivers have to dedicate to healing the sick—and finding ways to give them that time through operational technology—that’s the important role Zamagias plays in living and delivering on the promise of TeleTracking’s mission.

“If a caregiver is working on anything other than caregiving, that is problematic,” says Zamagias. “Yet, we know that at many health systems, a great deal of time is spent working on problems outside of their core skill set."

A HealthAffairs.org1 study states that nurses spend approximately seven percent of their time hunting for supplies such as medications, infusion pumps and nutritional supplements. There are also inefficiencies in getting patients or equipment from point A to point B that need to be streamlined. At the same time, we know that no one works harder than people in health care—and yet they are also incredibly underappreciated. That’s why we try to put the love back into the care—every minute of every day should be doing productive work, not frustrating work.”

LIving the Mission

This story can be found in the 2019 Fall Issue of TeleTracking's Patient Flow Quarterly Magazine. Download the full issue.

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