Is your hospital considering a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) to track mobile medical devices?

Here are some key clues that it should:

  1. A perception of an equipment shortage, although hospital purchasers know there’s enough
  2. Finance department reports of over-spending for capital equipment due to replacement
  3. Colleagues are hoarding equipment
  4. Reports of underutilized equipment from the biomed department

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you should consider a free two-day RTLS Assessment.

Caregivers around the world not only hear these complaints from coworkers, they repeat them at the top of their lungs. That’s because the people who feel the negative effects of unavailable and underutilized equipment are patients, caregivers, and the hospital finance team. 

Just knowing where something is can calm the chaos and give caregivers a sense of control. Why not consider RTLS to provide them with that sense of control?

TeleTracking’s RTLS provides automatic identification and tracking of medical equipment, staff and patients in real-time, enabling hospitals to quickly improve operations and profits. It uses wireless RTLS tags attached to objects, or worn by people to transmit signals to fixed reference points which determine their location.  And, it’s precise down to exact room. TeleTracking’s RTLS has been proven to reduce operating costs through improved asset utilization and accountability.

If your hospital is considering RLTS, you should consider a needs assessment from TeleTracking. The assessment will help your institution:

  • Establish baseline metrics for high-volume asset utilization performance
  • Audit observable inventory against facility master asset reports
  • Document current equipment distribution workflow and process
  • Identify ROI opportunities

The two-day assessment reviews current utilization, accurately documents equipment status and history, and tracks the movement of assets through the continuum of care.  It takes about 20 minutes (each) to interview the four functional teams (scheduled back-to-back).

The rule-of-thumb for observation requirements is one hour per 100 beds in the facility.

The end result includes:

  • Recommendations for right-sizing your mobile equipment fleet
  • A projection of cost savings and overall ROI
  • Software and hardware recommendations
  • A guide to optimizing RTLS through workflow best practices

TeleTracking’s RTLS assessment process is rooted in the deep clinical expertise possessed by its consultants, all of whom have experienced the problem of lost or missing medical devices first-hand as hospital nurses or nurse supervisors.

While it’s certainly a good way for us to introduce ourselves to you and your institution, what you get out of it is a game plan that gets you well acquainted with all the considerations which must go into the selection of a good RTLS system. 

info@teletracking.com, 800-331-3603.

Be sure to visit www.teletracking.com/rtls, too!

We look forward to helping you stop futile medical equipment searches!

Rob Teachout & John Cutshall
RTLS Workflow Services Project Managers

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